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Frequently Asked Questions on Popular Issues

12th Imam
What is this role and who plays it? What is significant about the 12th Imam? Learn more here.

12th Imam Video
The Blood of Lambs book interview. What is Kamal Saleem's viewpoint?

Abortion Services
Is it more than just a money-making industry? What are their motivations behind encouraging women to have abortions?

After-Birth Abortion Video
Listen to the life story of Claire Culwell, an abortion survivor. How did she survive?

After-birth Abortion
What is post-birth abortion all about? Find out what Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva believe.

April Fools' Day
Consider what the verse in the Psalms means when it says that a fools says in his heart there is no God.

April Fools' Day Video
Randall Niles looks at the saying, The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." (Psalm 14:1; 53:1)

Book Of Revelation
The end times will come when we least expect it. Are we seeing signs now?

Christmas Facts
Are you wondering where all these Christmas traditions originated? Find out all the info here.

Christmas Facts Video
Luke wanted us to know that the Christmas story was not a fairy tale, but rather the greatest story ever told.

Cloning Ethics
The ethical issues are staggering. The religious implications are mind-boggling.

Conspiracy Theories
What makes something a conspiracy theory? What are some popular theories of our time? Investigate here.

Easter Island History
What connection does Easter Island have with the Easter holiday we all know about? Find out this and more history.

End Abortion Services Video
This is a shocking video of the current statistics of abortion in the USA. What are the trends?

End Times
The last days will be filled with specific signs. Are we seeing any of those today?

God and Natural Disasters
Does God have a role in these tragedies? Does He allow them or do they happen outside His sovereignty?

Hate Speech Definition
Who has been the victims of hate speech? What does history tell us? Find information on hate speech here.

History of Valentines Day
Learn the origin of this romantic holiday. Discover how Valentine discover young couples who needed a way to show their love.

Human Genetic Engineering
Are there moral and religious concerns with this proposed medical undertaking?

Human Genome Project
What will the medical community do with this profound information?

Human Trafficking
What constitutes modern-day slavery? What is human trafficking? Find out the definitions and how to help.

Human Trafficking Video
What is Love146? This video gives a brief overview on how Love146 came to be? What is their perspective on Human Trafficking?

Is Hell Real?
Is this a real place? Why was it created? Who is it prepared for? Why would anyone want to go there?

Is Hell Real? 2
Discover the facts about this pit of fire. Is it literal? Is it punishment for the wicked? How can I avoid it?

Isaac Newton Prophecy
How was Isaac Newton impacted by the Bible? Did he write about religion? Find out here.

Jeremy Lusk
Brian Deegan and Ronnie Faisst talk in this video about the death of their good friend. What is the message they want you to hear?

Marilyn Manson
The man and his message to the world. Why should we even care?

Marilyn Manson 2
A musician on a mission. Manson's beliefs that he shares through his music.

Marilyn Manson 3
The background of the superstar. The man behind the mask. What motivates him?

Mark Of The Beast
All mankind will be required to be registered and marked with a means to interact financially.

Mark of the Beast Video
What is the Mark of the Beast? Where is it mentioned in the Bible? Find out the basics of this concept.

Miracle of Life Video
Dr. Seuss said, "A Person is a Person no Matter How Small." What does this say about the sanctity of life? You have to see this video clip!

Money Problems
Discover practical tips to overcome financial issues and problems. Find out how to develop life-long good money habits.

New Atheist Video
The One Minute Apologist interviews with special guest Dinesh D'Souza. He will help us understand the distinctives of the new atheism and how we need to be equipped as Christians to handle that.

New Atheists
Have you noticed the difference between the traditional atheist and the new atheist? Study the differences here.

New World Order
Learn more about the New World Order and how it affects you. What is the agenda of this system of thought?

Noah's Ark
A look at the biblical record. A look at the observable evidence.

Noah's Ark Video
How did all the animals fit on the ark? Check out this fun answer and examine the evidence!

Nostradamus Prophecy
What's the truth? What's the urban myth? Here's a place to start your search.

Nuclear Energy
Do you have a basic understanding of nuclear technology, the nuclear process, and the nuclear fuel cycle?

Occupy Wall Street
What are the demands of the Occupy Wall Street protesters? What are their goals? What are their values?

Occupy Wall Street Video
What do you think? Is capitalism the best economic system overall? Find out with this information.

Origin of Halloween
Where does this term come from and what is its connection with Halloween? Find the link.

Partial Birth Abortion
What's the current status of the law on this procedure? Check out the latest.

Partial Birth Abortion Video
What goes into this abortion procedure? Learn through this model of the procedure.

Prayer In Public School (Precedents)
What are the true legal reasons for prohibiting a time for prayer in the classrooms of America.

Prayer In School
A review of current case law and constitutional principles related to school prayer. When it's lawful to exercise religious expression

Prayer In School 2
A review of the case law and statutes covering prayer in public places.

Pro Choice Abortion Video
What About the Unborn Child? Randall Niles reviews a recent case like Nadal Hasan and his terrorist attack at Ft Hood in light of the legal and logical disconnect between criminal and Constitutional law.

The history of a movement. The verdict of the Court. The current agenda. The current paradox. The definition of life.

Pro-Abortion Video
Watch the TED video on life from conception to birth. When does life really start? Learn more here.

Pro-Choice Abortion
What is the position of choice really declaring? How we sway perception?

Pros And Cons Of Stem Cell Research
What are stem cells used for? Why are the valuable and what has caused the controversy?

Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research Video
Embryonic Stem Cell Research was going to cure the world. What happened? John Stonestreet takes on this controversial issue.

Racial Prejudice
Is the United States the last remaining country to battle with racism? Or is racism a global epidemic?

Racial Prejudice Video
Christine Petric shares of her life growing up as a minority. How did she find hope?

Saint Patrick’s Day
Who was St. Patrick and why do we celebrate his ministry in Ireland? Find the history of this holiday here.

School Prayer Case Law
The case law history in the U.S. A legacy of First Amendment revision regarding school prayer and Bible reading.

Separation of Church and State
Understand what is in the constitution and what isn’t. What does the controversy today revolve around? What was the original intent?

Separation of Church and State 2
Understand what is in the constitution and what isn’t. What does the controversy today revolve around? What was the original intent?

Separation of Church and State Video
Randall Niles takes a look at the self-evident truths endowed by our Creator. What are those truths?

Teen Abortion
How many teens are getting abortions? Why is this so dramatic and impactful on our society?

Teen Abortion Video
Can the abortions of this era be compared to the Holocaust? How do people react to hard questions?

The Great Pyramid of Giza
Is the most popular theory about the Great Pyramid serving as a huge tomb for an ancient pharaoh of Egypt correct?

The Paranormal Video
Why do Atheists and Naturalists get the Willies if there’s no such thing as the supernatural or metaphysical realm? Don't miss this short video clip!

The Shroud of Turin
What do we know about the shroud? Is it possible that it could have been used by Jesus Himself? Find out.

Top 5 conspiracy theories that are true
Here are 5 conspiracy theories that have been proven true by declassified government documents. The only obstacle to the truth is the belief you already have it. Shake off the "programming" and fear of what others may say and get informed! The Truth is in here!

U.S. Holidays
Why do Americans celebrate certain holidays? Why are they important to so many? Find a list here.

Wars and Rumors of Wars
Where is this phrase located in the Bible? Find out what it mean and how it is interpreted.

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