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Teen Abortion

Teen Abortion - Parental Notification
Teen abortion is legal in all states, though some require parental permission or notification. At a time when schools are not allowed to give students aspirin without parental permission, teenage abortion, the killing of an innocent life, is allowed without permission in over 20 states. In Minnesota, teenage abortion has declined since the passing of parental notification laws in the 1980's (American Journal of Public Health, "Impact of the Minnesota Parental Notification Law on Abortions and Births," March 1991). By 1992, 29 states had enacted parental notification and consent laws, and each of these states are now showing declining teenage abortion percentages. On one level, this reveals that parents wanting to protect their children choose to allow the birth of their teenagers' infants rather than choosing to abort these babies. Advocates of the "Pro Choice" movement choose to ignore the risks involved in having an abortion and deny the moral and religious implications arising from the biological reality of abortion.

Teen Abortion - Your Decision
Teen abortion is a decision that will impact your life dramatically, whether you decide to abort or decide to give birth. People you know will choose to support your decision or condemn your decision, but this is your decision and you will live with the choice you make for the rest of your life. Once an abortion has been done it can't be undone. The infant is dead. So take the time to think and know what you are doing to your body and to the life inside your body. If you decide to carry the child and bring a child into this world you will endure some criticism, inconvenience and the greatest joy God has given us here on earth. Shortly after conception, the miracle of DNA is underway forming a unique human almost immediately. At 8 weeks, you may not even know you are pregnant, but the baby's heart is beating steadily and every organ is present. At 8 1/2 weeks, the miracle of individuality is already visible as the baby's fingerprints are being imprinted.

Teen abortion has many risks. Studies have proven that abortion may lead to an increased chance of breast cancer, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, depression, and the contraction of Viral Hepatitis, not to mention death due to excessive bleeding or other complications. Whether you choose to keep your baby, put it up for adoption or have an abortion, hormones run crazy when you are pregnant. Hormones are to blame for the drastic mood swings pregnant women have during pregnancy. As you feel the life inside you start to grow, you will become attached to, or perhaps even angry at, this new life. This life is exactly that - he or she is alive and it is a part of you!

Teen Abortion - Lasting Effects
Teen abortion will affect you well into the future. Initially, you will feel cramping as the excess blood is discharging from your body -- similar, but not as strong as, the pains felt during labor and delivery. This physical effect may cause you to feel an emotional emptiness you have never felt before. This emptiness is the beginning of depression that studies say can last a lifetime.

Teen abortion kills an innocent life. You exist because your mother chose to give birth to you. Will you do the same for your child? Is an unborn child alive? Microbiology says so! Logic says so! The Bible says so! In fact, the Bible says you were knit together in your mother's womb and that God knew you before you were born (Psalms 139:13-14). Think hard before you have an abortion! Seek love and support during this difficult time!

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