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Teen Abortion Rights

QUESTION: Teen abortion rights - What rights do I have?


Teen abortion rights differ in various locations and countries. We encourage you to study the legal issues involved, as well as the physical risks. The causes of teen pregnancies vary as well. Emotions can run high in cases such as these. The issue becomes even more complex when rape or incest is involved. A female teenager has her entire life in front of her, and may have difficulty raising a child alone.

Legally, teenage women in most countries do have the right to an abortion. However, legality and morality do not consistently overlap each other. There are ethical concerns pertaining to both the mother and her unborn child.

One cannot downplay the challenges the girl will go through if she carries the child to term. Generally, teenage women do not have sufficient time and resources to accommodate themselves and an infant comfortably. But a child is much more than resources and time. There are numerous ramifications, both positive and negative that come along with having a child.

The answer is NOT to abort the child. Depending on your location and situation, you may have that right legally, but there is an ethical dilemma. A child is more than a choice; life is more than a choice. Life is something that is universal; therefore the definition of when life begins is not relative.

In the United States and other western nations, the right to life is not dependant upon age, dependency, level of development, or environment. There may be hypocrisy and an ethical deficit within our legal system concerning the unborn, but that does not mean there must be an ethical dilemma in your life. A teen abortion involves stopping a beating heart; it is the termination of a being with brainwaves. This unborn baby has its own unique human DNA pattern, a separate blood system from the mother, and is more than part of the woman's body.

The fetus is a separate being. Due to its unique DNA pattern, it is human due to the DNA pattern being human. In order for the termination of this being to be an ethical act, one must differentiate between humans and persons. This is a dilemma.

It is also uncaring to ignore the hurting mother. Help is available if you opt against abortion. It is possible you are hurting because of the origin of the child. Help is available for that as well. Running away is not a healthy solution. Will you accept the love and care that many are offering?

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