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Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories: What are they?
Conspiracy theories abound everywhere you look and many have been widely accepted as fact simply due to years of repetition. Conspiracies may exist, but most are mere theories and found to be untrue. Conspiracy theories have invaded various segments of life such as government, entertainment, science, and religion.

Things found to be unexplainable or lacking concise explanations are fodder for those who tend to see a conspiracy wherever they look. Many people want solid proof of a given event or happening. People have a hard time accepting that some things aren’t provable or that they won’t ever be solved. Human nature yearns to have verified answers to almost everything. When something cannot be confirmed or explained, some tend to let their imaginations run amok. This is how conspiracy theories begin. Then they are spread through word-of-mouth, email forwards, and online posts.

Conspiracy Theories: The most popular
Some of the most popular Conspiracy Theories are about the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Elvis Presley.1 Other conspiracy theories are rooted in New World Order speculations, or from tales about Area 51 to secret societies like the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones Society, and the Da Vinci Code.2

Here are some popular conspiracy theories:

  • The U.S. Government was behind the attacks on September 11.
  • Elvis Presley is still alive and living incognito.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in JFK’s assignation.
  • The Apollo 11 moon landing was fake.
  • The bar codes on every product label are the “mark of the beast.”
The Da Vinci Code book and subsequent movie produced a flurry of conspiracy theories. The “Code” brought to light the mysterious Priory of Sion and Opus Dei societies. In addition, it began a firestorm of speculation about a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which is totally false. The tragedy with author Dan Brown’s fiction is that it wholly misrepresents and misleads those in search of biblical and spiritual truths. The uninformed take the book or movie to be true since it claims to have biblical basis; albeit most of the story is highly corrupted when compared to scriptural truth.

Conspiracy theorists radicals want to claim the Holocaust didn’t happen despite irrefutable photographs, documentation, and meticulously kept records by the Nazis. The testimonies of many Holocaust survivors as well as some of the Nazi guards, officers, and others cannot be disputed. It is a good example of Joseph Schumpeter’s famous quote: “the first thing a man will do for his ideals is lie” and is applicable to those with an extreme anti-Semitic agenda.

Conspiracy Theories: Some basis for truth
Some conspiracy theories can have a basis for at least some truth. For instance, the “mark of the beast” bar code theory is based on the Bible’s warning of a time coming when the world will be under an anti-Christ’s rule. Though God forbids receiving it, the mark will be required on every person in order to buy and sell anything (Revelation 13:17). People have taken this concept and base a conspiracy on it.

The quest for world domination is nothing new. Wars have been fought for centuries for such a purpose and continue today. The desire for a New World Order is being promoted currently by many nations’ leaders. As the world is falling into total economic collapse and religious turmoil, some believe moving toward a global currency, a global government leader, and a global religion is the answer. The Shiite branch of Islam is looking for such a global leader, the 12th Imam or Al-Mahdi as he is sometimes called.3 In order for his appearance, it is believed the world must be in total chaos for him to bring peace under his universal rule. When compared to the Bible’s end time’s events, the Mahdi is more in line with the anti-Christ description rather than the world’s savior.

Furthermore, the Bible prophesies a similar scenario. Both Jew and Christians are looking for the Messiah to come. However, He will not appear until the world comes under a seven year reign of anti-Christ (the one world leader). It is said to be a time when the world has accepted a New World Order of a single world leader, government, and religion. It will culminate in an end times battle (at Armageddon) when Jesus Christ will conquer all evil forever. This is not the same Jesus whom the radical Islamists call Isa and believe will stand beside Al-Mahdi to proclaim that the Mahdi is the true savior of the world.

What is conspiracy theory and what is truth? God promises that all believers in Christ Jesus will be saved from the eternal punishment that Satan brings. Christ offers a glorious life for eternity to all who repent of sin and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. If you don’t know Jesus, wouldn’t you like to have all the blessings He offers you? He is not a theory; He is the way, truth and the life (John 14:6).

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3 (12th Imam)

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