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QUESTION: What are the main points of a pro-choice view of abortion?


Here are the main views of the pro-choice arena:
  • Pro-choice advocates argue, "It's not a baby/person - just a blob of tissue."
    Pro-life advocates suggest that there is proven scientific research that says the fetus is a living organism from the moment of conception. The baby's blood supply is also completely separate from the mother's. There is no doctor who would kill a newborn baby at the time it is born. So, their question is, "At what minute can one consider life to be worthless and at the next minute, that life to be precious?"

  • Pro-choice advocates argue, "It's my body - a woman's choice."
    Pro-life advocates counter this way. The fetus is a completely separate life from the woman. It has a different blood type and genetic code. It is not just a part of the mother's body. It is only residing there, and birth is just the change of residence from an already living, active person. Just because the fetus is dependent on the mother for its life for nine months does not give the mother the right to choose to end its life.

  • Pro-choice advocates argue, "If abortion is made illegal, women will die in back alleys.
    Pro-life advocates explain: The court case, Roe v. Wade basically made people who were previously considered illegal abortionist now legal. When that came into effect, the state constitutionally barred from requiring review of the abortion decision by a hospital committee or concurrence in the decision by two physicians other than the attending physician. The Constitution also prohibits a state from requiring that the abortion be in a hospital licensed by the Joint Committee on Accreditation of Hospitals or that it be a hospital at all. Therefore, the court simply let illegal back-alley abortionists go legal with their procedures unchanged.

  • Pro-choice advocates ask, "What about a woman who has suffered rape or incest or is carrying a disabled child?
    Pro-life advocates explain that they do not cure illness by killing the patient, and that can be considered prejudice. Yes, a woman who has been made a victim of rape or incest has gone through a terrifying experience. However, there is also a second victim, the baby. Women who have undergone abortion under these circumstances feel they have undergone a second act of violence when they have aborted.

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