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DNA Cloning

QUESTION: DNA cloning - Are we playing God?


Are we playing God in our quest for knowledge, by allowing scientists to work with DNA cloning? The ultimate goal in DNA cloning is to create human life with the unwanted physical traits replaced by designer genes. In the legal pursuit to clone humans, scientists use the ideas of gene therapy for healing diseases as the motive to aggressively pursue the use of DNA manipulation.

Are we playing God by trying to clone a human, which presently is difficult to do, because changing DNA in an adult calls for treating 100 trillion cells simultaneously. Thus, the research goal is to make these DNA cloning changes in the earliest stages of a child's development, the embryonic stage. This stage of human life has the least amount of rights and laws protecting it worldwide.

Scientists are playing up the good that would result from DNA manipulation like weeding out disease causing genes, extension of life, organ development for transplantation, and prisoner reform. Have we forgotten our attempts in the past to subdue violent behavior with lobotomies or the sterilization of orphans and the mentally handicapped? When I take a worldview look at governments' bloody attempts at genocide, I can see ulterior motives.

It is easy to see the day coming when designer humans could be created and perhaps another attempt at a super race. Adam and Eve were the first who attempted to gain the same knowledge that God possessed by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:9, 16,17; 3:1-17).

The stories of the Tower of Babel show us how mankind attempted to build a brick tower, whereby they could reach the heavens to be like God. God destroyed the tower and caused each group of people to speak languages that the other groups didn't understand (Genesis 11:4-5).

In more modern history, Adolf Hitler made his attempts to be like God by the atrocious medical experiments on the Jewish people and prisoners of concentration camps during the holocaust of WW II. Experimentation becomes outrageous when humans are forced into becoming research test subjects. I am not alluding to resurrecting Adolf through cloning, but the Hitler attitude is present in the world today that would lead to the renewal of these activities all under the guise of gene therapy.

Today, we travel the heavens in space shuttles, getting a look at how small we humans are compared to the vastness of space. We eagerly await new pictures sent back from the Hubbell Satellite to view who else is out there besides us. A high tech Tower of Babel perhaps?

So it isn't far fetched to believe that mankind would not properly treat the human life it created through cloning. Calling it by any other name for desensitizing purposes does not cover up the fact they created a human life with a soul.

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