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Abortion Pill

QUESTION: Is the Abortion Pill safe?


Many people are asking, "Is the abortion pill safe for me?" Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics declare the abortion pill, RU486-Mifepristone-Mifeprex, is a safe and efficient procedure. The procedure using the abortion pill is simply described in two sessions of treatments, where the woman ingests the RU486 abortion pill in the physician’s office. Two days later the woman takes another medication called Misoprostal-Cytotec, which causes the uterine walls to contract expelling the pregnancy tissue. The second session uses doses of Methotrexate. One week later, another dosage of Misoprostal is given causing more uterine contractions to expel the pregnancy tissue.

The clinics and Planned Parenthood call the aborted substance pregnancy tissue, while the rest of the medical community considers it an embryo up to sixty days old. After two months, it is considered a fetus. There is a success rate of 65% in aborting the embryo when RU486 is used alone. Misoprostal-Cytotec is given, causing strong painful uterine contractions to expel the dead embryo. Using the two medications together increases the success rate to 95%. Fifteen percent of the women need to go through the surgical procedure of a D&C, dilation and curettage to scrape out the remaining embryonic tissue from the uterus or risk bleeding to death.

The abortion pill, RU486, has prolonged effects up to fifteen days after the abortion and could play a role in the seriousness of adverse side effects.
  • Immunosuppression: infections that are difficult to treat need to undergo six weeks of antibiotic treatment. Almost 30% of women who had to have the D&C surgical procedure to finish the abortion process end up with severe infections in the pelvic and genital regions.

  • Pain: 80% of the women require opium based pain medications in injection form to control the severe pain. When the woman gets home and the painkiller wears off, she may turn to over-the-counter products. Aspirin and Ibuprofen based medications enhance bleeding, which causes massive hemorrhaging and death. Studies have shown women taking acetaminophen products increase the pain.

  • Bleeding: 11% of women will have a serious problem with hemorrhaging with some requiring transfusions. With the lack of medical supervision in the RU486 procedure, the woman, who doesn't know the symptoms of bleeding to death or trying to keep her abortion a secret by not seeking help endangers her own life.

  • Sleeplessness: sleep is needed for the physical and mental well being of a woman who has gone through the trauma of abortion. RU486 disrupts this much-needed sleep and may explain the long periods of nightmares after a woman uses the abortion pill.

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