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Abortion and Breast Cancer

QUESTION: Abortion and breast cancer - Is there a link?


Many have ignored the mounting evidence for the relationship between abortion and breast cancer (the "ABC" link). This is truly unfortunate, since we believe that women have the right to know all of the facts surrounding abortion. It is highly immoral to withhold any information whatsoever on the topic, especially information of this magnitude.

It has been discovered that 28 out of 37 worldwide studies have determined that there is, in fact, a link between abortion and breast cancer. Furthermore, 13 out of 15 studies in the United States have also found the ABC link.

These are not simple statistical anomalies; there is biological reasoning behind the ABC link. When a woman conceives a child, her estrogen level rises over one hundred times. This hormone surge produces undifferentiated cells in a woman's breasts, which are not differentiated until later on in the pregnancy in order to produce milk for the child. Undifferentiated cells are susceptible to carcinogens that can generate cancerous tumors.

There are many lasting implications related to abortion, including the fact that abortion has killed over 40 million unborn children in the US, which is roughly 15% of the US population. Legalized abortion promotes a consequence-free society and promiscuity, which can in turn breed STDs. Unfortunately, breast cancer is one of these negative outcomes. With this connection now proven, the long-term results of abortion are even more dire.

This is information that should be shared with all women who are considering abortion. The circle of influence of pro-choice supporters is great, and one might expect that many will ignore and withhold the information. However, this information could mean the difference between life and death for some women. The central focus of the right-to-life movement is life, and this focus includes the lives of all of the precious mothers who deserve to know the facts.

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